EP 220 (157/365) What matters most at Work

If not people.. which I mentioned in my last post.. What matters to you most at work….? if we had to choose something else… other than people what would that be… I have been thinking about it and lot of things came to my mine… title… power.. money…. purpose….. and so on… I think money is important.. so is purpose… but I am also very clear that most job that is out there and some of what I have personally done all have a very definite purpose….. But there is something else that matters a lot to me…. and that is Value Created…

Any work we do has a value which needs to be recognized by us or by others… A typical employment is about value creation and the cost associated with the value created… Even if you buy a product… there is a value that the product provides to the buyer… some product’s value is over soon.. while for some others the value keeps increasing….

If we work in a company.. should the value we create increase over time? I think so… when we are in the same organization we know a lot of things that will help us in creating more value in the future.. this can also have a counter effect where we could get myopic in our views…. which in turn would reduce the value we can deliver…

At any stage of work… focussing on value is the most important for me more than purpose…. I don’t know what the purpose would be if value is not created…

And for Money it is important.. but there are things I do that does not pay me…. but I do not consider that as work.. it is just me being me….. But yes money.. salary.. perks… they do matter a lot at work for me…. but it has never been a make or break in taking up a deal in my life….

And for titles and power.. I honestly don’t care.. I have never seen a value in them.. though I know that is not how it is for many folks…. an increase in title and power is part of their career growth… and there is nothing wrong in it… just that it is not for me….. I have never envied someone who had a fancier title than me…. or more power than me…

After people… the value I create.. and the realization of that by myself matters most… this coupled with the money I get paid for it and others recognizing the value I create….

While I can sail on without people recognizing my value… after sometime anyone will feel dejected…. because as human beings we want both rewards and recognition…. it is just the way we are wired….. Well sorry I should not generalize.. that is the way I am wired… I am sure there are people wired for titles and power as well…

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