EP 221 (158/365) King Richard has a plan

Last week I saw the new Will Smith movie… King Richard which tells you the story of Venus and Serena Williams… their family.. Will Smith plays the dad… Planning, preparation and relationships…. that is how I will sum it… A must watch for those who love movies

I have always been skeptical about missing life in the process of planning and I often put out the quote “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” which is attributed to John Lennon as he used that in a 1980 song.. but now on internet you can check if that is true.. and looks like this probably first appeared two decades before Lennon’s song… but that is not the point… The point is I was skeptical about plans…

But King Richard makes me rethink…. I think planning is one aspect and sticking to the plan is where most people fail… The movie is amazing both in the making and the performance… but there are a few things that touched me.

One is the confidence that Richard has on both his kids and in his plan… All the doors he has to knock…. before he is able to put the kids on that path to success. Rejection is something he will not take to heart. The attitude that his job is to keep knocking the doors is what finally gives them the way…

The other is knowing when to say No.. as Venus and Serena get noticed by others they also start getting offers from coaches, training companies and associations. He says No because he is confident it is not the right time. He is not ready to settle for what is less. That needs a mammoth like confidence in one’s own plan and faith in the ability of the players…

Another aspect is sticking to the plan. Even when everything around you keeps pointing out that the plan might be wrong.. that one has to reconsider.. Richard sticks to it and finally he does make a change to his plan.. but only when he thinks it is utmost necessary.. It is not pressure but the realization that it is time to change…

I think this is a movie that is going to stay with me for a long time to come…

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