EP 223 (160/365) Today I felt like quitting

Let me be very honest… today I really felt like quitting this project… I had a pretty low day when everything I do was staring back at me and asking me for a reason. I think it is not just this one thing… I feel like quitting every thing that I am doing and focussing on just one…. And I am thinking why? Why am I feeling that way today..

Now we all know for a fact… we might want to quit everything but we cannot… May be this project is the only thing I can quit and no one will ask.. Yes I will be a quitter but the impact of quitting the project is going to be very minimal.. but that is not how other things would be…

We just wrapped up a long weekend… Usually Thanksgivings are more eventful as you will have get togethers with friends.. but this time nothing of that sort happened… On top of that our heater thermostat stopped working and it was really cold… Now you might be thinking what has that got to do with quitting…. May be nothing… but..

There was something more.. last two days I did not do my morning exercise… look at all the things that I did not happen… A total break from a routine… and it hits so hard on you… But then as I started penning my thoughts today I tried to think all the things that I am grateful for… And I figured out that I did not have any major reason to feel low…. there are so many people who might trade my place…. much less privileged than me… Why am I cribbing…

While I would want to quit… quitting is not the solution…. maybe if I keep having this feeling then I will think about it seriously…. but till then I will continue… One thing I am sure… I am on a 365 days project and if I quit now… I will not restart it… no way…. I cannot get back to doing this….. The break is the end of it and so I have to keep going….

I decided to search google for a quote on quitting to ease my pain…. this is what I found… ““Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” by Lance Amstrong…

I will leave you all with that quote today and humbly think that I was able to make it through one more episode….

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