EP 224 (161/365) How will Daily commute feel now

As things open up and companies ask people to come back to work.. or if I decide to take up a role that might demand the same.. how will I feel after spending almost two years working from home… Thinking about it now it will be exciting…

When I say exciting I am in no way saying it will be easy… there is going to be break of routine… There are so many things happening now because you are working from home… It could be about dropping kids.. doing some chore… Even the fact that I have not worn my office dress for a while…

The other day I went through my wardrobe… I had lost around 15 pounds during this time and all my dress pants have been unwearable… Well that is the least of issues…

I think the most challenging for me would be my Son’s drop off and pick up.. Not drop off but pick up which I will have to make some arrangements…. So in a way starting to commute will not be much of an issue.. I will have to shift a few things here and there… But as I have seen whenever we have a change.. it is rough initially and then you fall into a rhythm…

I think finding that rhythm is the most important aspect…. Because rhythms infuse energy.. momentum…. it creates a process and makes it flow easily…. And breaks impact… may be that is why Mondays seem difficult for people…

I will also search for my rhythm… You can too….

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