EP 225 (162/365) How Correct are we?

This whole idea of being correct kind of confuses me at times. The first question is do we have to be correct always… or just the never ending search for being correct in itself is fine… or just forget about all this and go forward and live your life as you wish…. I mean what does being correct mean…? How correct can we be ?

The other day a thought came to my mind… The thought is that we can never be correct in a changing world… or may be I should say we cannot be eternally correct or forever correct in a changing world… We are only correct as limited by ourselves and limited by the societies we live in… Our being correct is limited and even skewed.. it is not complete… our correctness is not complete…

That brings us to the point that may be correct is in itself wrong… How silly… But I think searching something… pursuing something… traveling all have a correctness… Why do we travel…? And by travel I don’t mean traveling for sight seeing… I mean traveling to learn.. meet.. explore.. understand….. I think that is the only correctness out there…

But how does travel happen as before during a Pandemic…? But who told you that one needs to travel somewhere.. travel inside… think…. travel through books.. through stories…. there is so much travel that can be done without physically stepping out…. Now the question comes… how much did we travel that way in the last two years… how much did we learn and explore…

As you do this one correct thing… the correctness of traveling.. you will also identify some forms of correctness that you just can’t seem to accept… but that is because we are not equipped to understand everything…

In earlier times when we did not really know of distant lands and did not know what exists there… people travelled and they met people, cultures, rituals, manners, food… music.. writings… social structures… vastly different from their own… and they could not come to understand them…

But what happened is after all the conflicts and a lot of bad things happening… we have come a long way to accept one another.. but even this is not enough… Because even now my correctness need not be yours.. period !!!

There are so many places in this world where being Gay or being an Atheist is a crime that will get you punished… there are also places where mannerisms that we think is ok for us are considered disrespectful…. I am not sure if all problems will ever be solved…. but it is said we live in one of the most peaceful times in the history of human kind !

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