EP 229 (166/365) Going into an Emergency

On Friday I had to take someone to the emergency… This is not the first time I have gone to an emergency…. Though I don’t think I have been taken to emergency before… I have accompanied people… friends.. family… neighbors… Most times I have been just the help driving them there… As I sit there I observe the people

My dad was a doctor and he had emergency duty every two weeks I guess. Though he was on call always.. there were days when he would spend time in the hospital. I have heard my mom say that while working in Iran there were days where he would be in the hospitals for multiple days… We would send him cloths to change…

Growing up we lived near hospitals or within hospital campuses…. And that too multiple countries in the world… Hospitals have a certain smell of disinfectant and medicine… I don’t have that here in the US though…

As I sit in the emergency I look around people.. there is always a sense of unknown… because you are unsure… The fact that you are in Emergency is what ever makes you uncomfortable cannot wait for tomorrow… It needs immediate attention….

Though sitting there every time I go back to the other times I have been there… When one of my lecturers needed to be taken ones while in college… When I had to take one specific friend of mine more than ones for broken bones…. When I had to take neighbors and family friends.. Often they are long sessions… Except for my lecturer… no other incident was fatal…. My lecturer died the night we took him there…

I have never seen the series ‘House’…. but I know how it is in the ER… The Medical facility near where I grew up… since my dad used to work there.. I knew a lot of doctors there… and during my visits there I have seen how they work…

Anyway… I am back… And all is good…. Just thought I will write about it…. Because anyone can have an emergency and if anyone calls you during an odd time… do pick up the phone… you might be needed….

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