EP 231 (168/365) Three Ways to React to Change

There might be more that three ways to react to a change; but I like focusing on Three because it is less and who has the time to count beyond Three. Change is inevitable, it does not matter who you are, if you like it or not, it is there and will come to you. We cannot prepare for every change because we do not know the nature of it, but we can be prepared for the eventuality called change. So my three ways are more generic.

It’s a new start: Inertia is what glues us to a status-quo. It is not always because we love the state we are in, it is because we ourselves stand blind to the opportunities outside us. Every Change how ever unpleasant allows us to look around and revisit things. Consider Change as a new start not as the end of something we are used to. 

Do something new: Every time we are hit with a change make a point to do something crazy, something new, something different. You will be amazed with how it works because we can beat a change coming at us by doing a totally different thing. Sing and record a song, Take the bike and ride somewhere you have not been before. Go to the street and read poetry, climb a tree, go hug a random person who is not feeling good, call someone with whom you have not had a good time, call an old friend, Do something. Just break it so you can see it differently… You are forcing another change to get you ready….

Say WoW I Love this: Yes you heard me right…? the moment the change hits you go somewhere and just say “WoW, I love this”. To be honest it is not a ‘make belief’ exercise, it is real because once you say that you open your mind to possibilities. We dislike situations because of the lack of possibilities and change is an avalanche of possibilities, so let ride on it.

There are three other ways of looking at it.. some people manage change.. some people resist change and some people lead the change… the choice is ours….

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  1. Sir,

    Your above post on change drew immense interest from me. The subject is perennially relevant in a human being’s life.

    There is so much Intensity and power in the Statement – “Change is inevitable.” Permit me to add one more word to this expression: “Change is inevitable and relative.”

    When one is in the twilight of his life and age, not being on his side with weakening reflexes and loneliness as only collaborators, it is harder to handle Change. He is prodded to trot a new orbit altogether.

    A friend of mine expressed his frustration at the enormous changes that have taken place and the inability to bear them and insisted on the present being a replica of the past. He disliked the present so much that he surrounded himself with old movies, old songs, old books, old friends – everything connected to the past he remembered.

    I proposed him a 3A plan perhaps beneficial in one’s autumn of life –

    1. (A)ccept, 2. (A)dapt and 3. (A)appreciate – accept the change, adapt to it, and appreciate whatever change the change brings.

    Maybe it isn’t easy. But well,

    There is peace in letting things go!
    There is peace in accepting change!
    There is peace in assimilating change!

    Thank you again for your posts, which I always read with enthusiasm.

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