EP 232 (169/365) The Art of BadMouthing

You meet a friend and tell him that a book is so boring and atrociously bad. I am sure next time he is in a library or bookstore and sees the book he will surely stop and pick it up. He will spend more time than ever browsing just to see how bad it is.

He does not have to be a lover of that genre of books but if it is simple, small, easily readable and priced well he might even buy or borrow it. Even if he did not buy it he would have spent enough time on it publicly to raise the curiosity of those standing next to him. That’s human psychology.

You just badmouthed a book into getting more prospects and a potential sale. Badmouthing does not always work. Leave books aside and think of people… When you badmouth other People it backfires and backfiring hurts real bad. Friendships, Relationships, career, business, love, future are all potentially are at stake. 

Sorry for the title ‘Art of Badmouthing’ I am sure you did not come here to learn the Art and let us be honest that many of us have indulged in it at one time or other in our life. But still I will tell you that the ART of badmouthing is to never take pART in it and Praise when you can and keep quite when you cannot.

Who else to tell you this than someone who has done his own share of bad mouthing and gotten away with some and gotten into trouble in some other cases and even today have to struggle through not doing it.. May be as human beings people like to talk of people… In this post I remind me again…

Don’t Bad Mouth….

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