EP 233 (170/365) You are free to desire; but also choose from what you desire.

Desires; who does not have any, it is what fuel people in their life. The desire to own something, the desire to have someone in your life, the desire to be famous, they come in all colors and flavors to direct our life. We reach a point when we are defined by our desires.

Religious beliefs keep saying that desires are the root of all evil and that one should detach themselves from the world and not have desires in order to end sufferings. But I am not sure if that is even practically possible.

If we have to live in this world we need to have a desire, we have to be able to both embrace them and understand them at the same time. Though I would agree that not all desires are healthy…

As we embrace our desires we should also realize that desires never end as long as we have a life. It is like having good food. We will stop when we can’t have any more, but next day same time we will want to eat. And we will be very choosy initially till we cannot handle the hunger and then we will settle for anything..

As humans we will never have a dearth of desires and if we keep a tab of that we will be amazed by all the things we have and still keep desiring. Desires are the product of our mind and so before going forward with any desire, it is always good to analyze and understand what has brought that desire to life.

Whenever we have a desire, we ask that desire a few questions…

Who are you? Where do you come from? And how are you going to make a difference to me…?

If we look deep, every desire has an answer to these questions, we will know the root of where the desire comes from, we will be able to see if that will make the difference it claims to make. Because at the end we decide what to desire for and we can make choices and we have a responsibility to make the right choices that make this a better place for us and our world….. and the future….

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