EP 235 (172/365) Work-Life Balance Part-2

For me Work-life balance is not a mathematical problem that you solve in equal percentages, or any percentage for that matter. It has to do with being contented. Knowing what you want out of work and what you want out of Life. If you do not know that or at least check your level of content there is no balance to work on. I have a few points. And I will just take some of them in here.

I think managers, people who you report to have a big role in you achieving what you call Work-Life Balance and this has a lot to do with their own concept of work-life balance.  Also your balance is not my balance

It also has to do with your peers and their attitude towards both work and life. Rather than resources when people treat one another as individuals it makes you happy and it makes you perform better

It has to do with what I call respect for each other. The mentality to understand that each one of us has a life outside work and that you will be honest in saying that.

If I am asked to make a choice between my manager wanting something and a sick child at home, the sick child is my priority and if my manager does not get that then there is a problem. No one will say that on your face as it is insensitive, but they might load you more so you don’t mention child ever again at work. Well I have worked with such people as well in my career and I have nothing but despise for them in my mind

Trust is important, a two way trust. A trust that my incapability or lack of knowledge might create issues for the team but never will my lack of integrity. And this trust has a tremendous impact on the team you work for and your company and your family. It shows there are only solvable issues

It is not about spending more time on your life and not working or vice versa, because both will get you in trouble. It is about knowing what is important not just for you but for the people you work with as well. Sometimes just asking someone ‘can I help you?’ alone is enough to make a difference

There is more but let us take that tomorrow…

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