EP 236 (173/365) Work-Life Balance Part-3

I think Work-Life balance would be different with a freedom to call quits. I don’t think I have that freedom but I think those who have that might have better work life balance… if we take opportunities and our chances to get another job… I think the important aspect is checking if we can work with any person.. If we are flexible even that helps…

People you work with are as important as people in your family because you spend an equal amount of waking time with both of them. And just like your family members your co-workers, your manager and your reportees depend on you and have an expectation from you, your time and what you do with it, but of course at a varied level of involvement

It might also have to do with what you do. I work in a space that I like 70%… Why? Why not 100%… don’t ask me… I don’t try thinking more about it… if you like something and it is working for you… keep doing it because it will not bite you back and what does not bite does not hurt

May be life is short to play a balancing act….

A happy work place is needed for the Work-Life balance and the last thing you can do is blaming your family for the lack of it. In all these places I have enjoyed getting up and coming to office every single day. I have not felt bad when I have to take a call at night. I have chatted with customers at 2 in the morning. The interesting thing is that all these companies have quite different working styles when you are a consultant or an employee but all that is immaterial because the people you work with/for is what matters.

Work-Life Balance is something we should look for at our workplace, in our peers and in our manager. It is not a balance, it is a way of thinking and it is not necessarily something a company does. yes there are some actions and provisions that can help and lead to a framework for Work-Life Balance but at the end it boils down to the people you work with. How you connect with them

Have I never had problems with people at work? Well if you work you will have problems : ) and if you are passionate about your work, you will have problems. The question is not how to escape every issue; it is about being able to ride through it shoulder to shoulder with your co-workers

We do not balance work and Life; we should aim to live life and enjoy work. Easy said than done…? Any effort is worth it if it can make you happy.. try it….

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