EP 237 (174/365) On Pursuing your Dream

I am sure you might have heard Jim Carrey’s commencement speech ob pursuing your dream… It had gone viral sometime back…. or back then it was all over my News feeds. His closing statement is what struck me “You can fail at what you don’t want; so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love”

That is a very nice piece of advice, but what really made me think is why does this video go viral… especially the 1+ minutes of the half an hour speech…  because it says something that touches our inner chords…

Someone who thinks he is doing what he loves might not have the time sharing this, unless he wants to tell others how cool he is that he figured it out before Jim Carrey’s video went viral….

Many people at least watch the video because it says that “this will change their life..” people love to dream often but fear change when it gets closer…. probably change is not all that good looking always…. It is like a change comes knocking at your door and you do not recognize it and lie to it saying all is fine inside and slam the door shut….. does that sound familiar to anyone…?

Now what made me think was that there are so many people who believe they should at this moment be somewhere else doing something else….. Now you might ask me that question… I would say that not now… because I love writing this piece… but yes in the course of a day I do find myself in situations that make me think I should be somewhere else doing something else…. the feeling that out there somewhere there is more fun than here…. there are many who fall in this bracket…. I don’t feel that always, but to be true to you I should say I feel that way at times… if not I would not be writing this blog

Now coming to Jim’s speech I like when he said that some paths are so unachievable and impossible when you look, but failing while traveling in them can be more valuable in your life….. not just valuable, it makes sense to follow a big dream and fail than be the same….

From my experience I would also say it is a debatable….. sometimes too many failures can force you in taking a low risk option, low risk options are not always dreams come true…. but low risk options can sometimes give you certain perspectives of what you really want…. Also there is no failures in pursuing your dream, unless the dream is to “just make money”.. In every other dream, the Journey is the reward….

So go look at one such unachievable dream and pursue it….. If not go pick a small one and make it happen… then go for another…. I will go look for mine, and you go look for yours……

And here is the video as Jim says… the 1+ minute version of the 30 minute piece

And here is the Podcast

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