EP 239 (176/365) Doing something as your Life depends on it

When I started my professional career, one of my customers once mentioned to me the definition for being a professional. He aid it was someone who does their work as their life depended on it. Though over my career I have done several things both as if life depended on it and otherwise there was a stark different on the achievements and results. Obviously when my life depended on it the results were much better

Why do we end up doing things partially or as if our life does not depend on it? That is a question people often ask themselves and it is often because the urge and interest that becomes the life blood of action is missing.

While there is no doubt that we should do things as if our life depended on it, there are several things that push us to feel that way. A few of them are rewards, recognition, passion, a convincible need that this work is an important thing to do.

While we should try to do things as our life depends on it, we should also cultivate an environment where other people can do their job as if their life depended on it. In an interconnected world… it is not just about our profession and work… it is the environment where we are all part of it… contributing and adding value to others.. and knowingly or unknowingly even making it difficult for others…

Your success on something depends on the fact that your life depends on it

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