EP 243 (180/365) Doing only what you love?

Is it even possible to do only what we love to do…. We always hear people say this.. And I have my doubts because to make a machinery run… there are so many things that we have to get done… It is priorities and not just love of doing something..

Haven’t you heard people say that they need to get a work that is tightly coupled with their hobby and I often disagree with that. Yes there are examples of people who do things that they love and they get their bills paid, but that is not the majority. The majority works to pay their bills and often think they like to do something else.

Can we strive to getting closer to finding what we love to do and the same thing pays our bills… Surely.. we should pursue.. but keeping in mind the practical aspects of the possibility..

Here is how I think of it… if we can do something for 8 hours of our day, pay your bills and get the remaining 16 hours of the day to do what we love….. is there an issue.. in my case no…. In fact for me when ever I have tried to monetize what I love to do.. it has just made things tough… and this might be just me…..

I think Loving our job has a lot to do with us and there is never a dearth of things we can crib about. I think more than searching for a job we love to do.. the easiest thing is to find what we love in the job we have.. sometimes people might think that is not the position of a go getter.. well who said I want to be a go getter.. I want to be content and happy and contribute value…..

For me it is about priorities… As long as I am able to do what I love and have a job that I don’t hate and it pays the bills.. I am happy… That said… I love my work… but that was not as a result of deciding what I like and then getting it… It just evolved.. our interest.. what we love all evolves…

Also I think we tend to love what we do.. if we are also confident that we can do it well and even people associated with you recognize it…. Just my 2 cents….

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