EP 244 (181/365) No Process should become a Red Tape

Processes are put in place so things could run smoothly and by running smoothly it also means that someone has a way to control and predict the outcome or delays. All said and done processes also have bottlenecks that make it difficult for some things to function smoothly. One would say that the process is broken, or that it is inefficient. While another thought would be that some processes grow to become Red Tapes more.

I am a process guy but not in the sense of implementing a process but helping in evolving it… As an agile practitioner process is an important factor but not above people…. I work on frameworks which evolve workable processes for people or teams..

This is a very interesting thought because the framework is not prescriptive… there is a lot of room to adapt and change so that we can get the best outcome… Here is how I see it… If we feel something is not working we should have the chance to change.. but not just change.. but also monitor the new state and then collect data and from the data revisit the outcome.. make corrections and tweaks and move ahead… It is purely value based…

Once we establish something we should focus on what we have built as a process… when I say focus.. it does not mean just leave it as it is… but constantly evaluate and better… Process is something we can control and change….

Now coming to red tapes… here also process is controlled to achieve an outcome but change is not welcome that easily.. also when in Agile the process is evolved and it happens through trust and value… That said there are interesting scenarios that come to mind when we look of society…

The justice system is a typical example of red tape vs. process, but one can’t do without it. Another issue is where creativity and solution gets stifled amidst bureaucracy and ‘we have done it this way’ mentality. It is important that we identify the process that don’t fall in line with the vision and the reality of change. No one has time to spend their life in a line waiting for the counter to be free. You need to move and if not change the counter….

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