EP 245 (182/365) Make a hole in your Dream and let it happen

There is a quote by the scientist and 11th President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.. “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” True in all sense. But the thought I want to put before you today the need to make a hole in your dream. A hole in the dream? you might think… Yes a hole in your dream.

There are so many people who have carried a dream with them all their life without doing much about it. They have spent countless hours awake just thinking about it and how great it would be to make it happen but never really embarking on it. Why does that happen? Why is it that some people just dream, then contemplate, analyze more, feel good about it and it never happens…. not even the first step towards it….

Long time back someone told me that you will get something only if you want it so dearly like your life depends on it. I made an episode just on it a few days back… And this has been very true for me. I had the chance to look back at life and the hits and misses (both personal and professional) and found that where ever I missed, it happened because I did not want it enough. Where ever I got what I wanted, it happened because I wanted it like my oxygen, what kept me alive… and I worked for it..

A hole in a dream lets the air out, the air that can keep it alive (without action) for a lifetime, the air you have blown into it over the years. A Dream that you have just carried with you but never embarked on. It needs a hole so it will push you to start struggling to kept it actively alive.

Don’t just ‘stay alive’ but be ‘Actively Alive’

Everyone can dream, the point is what are we doing about it. The dream can be anything, its importance is defined by how much we want it. May be our dream is not a professional one, but a personal one. it does not matter because it is our dream, something that makes our life better.

May be we stop spending time keeping our dream alive for tomorrow, but make a hole in it today, act on it and make it happen or let it die itself. A dream that remains a dream all our life is not worth the effort because there is no dearth for dreams and there is no right time for embarking on one, it is always now or never.

How do we make a hole? Simple, stop blowing more possibilities into it and just embark on it: stop holding on to it allow it to happen or fail. For people in sales would understand holding on to prospects that never materialize… some dreams people like to hold on to just the same way… I think…

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