EP 247 (184/365) The Folly of Finding Faults

I think we all know that ‘Finding Fault’ is not a much appreciated trait but knowingly or unknowingly many do get quite good at it over time. To be honest we all might have sometime or other fallen into that trap of blaming someone else. Sometimes we genuinely believe that the other person is at fault, but the glory of a professional is in working towards not being trapped in that blame game. 

The Blame Game: The blame game is a trap that no one wins and no one gets out unhurt. Be it at work or at home, a blame lives on even after one person forgets it; it always comes back to bite. A discussion of what went wrong and a conclusion that it was someone’s error that need to be addressed is not a blame game, it is a civic way of approaching a problem. And such civic methods are aimed at finding a solution than punishing a person. Blame games are those that happen where no one wants a solution and more often when people involved are not confident in finding a solution. 

The Fault Line: Don’t go the geological route, Here I am talking about a line that you always draw so you are aware not to step on it and be at fault. Yes you have to be cautious, but then if caution prevents you from taking risks then what you are doing is setting boundaries that stop you from being creative and moving forward. Being over cautious hurts as well and that is why caution should be tagged to an impact of a mistake or error. Have your fault lines, but don’t let them alone decide your future. Give way for some mistakes for you and others working with/for you and also to the ones to whom you report to.

The We Attitude: We live in a world where we hear more on the need for teamwork than actually see it working and this has to do with individual insecurities resulting from lack of knowledge and many other factors. But in spite of this a ‘WE’ attitude can surface even in an environment where teamwork is not there. This comes from the  ‘on the same boat’ adage because of all 4.5 billion years this earth has come to existence the existence of your team in question is so miniscule. Even if you take your professional life you can find that you have so much time before and after this team’s existence and considering a few people in a ‘WE’ construct for some time should be easily achievable. Once you feel that you will have no need to find fault.

No one has a party to attend after finding a fault with someone and so chill when you think it is someone’s fault and try to work through it.

What To Do: Now what if you are being blamed? Well, who better than you… can judge the validity of a blame on you 🙂 Try to find the insecurities of the blamer, try helping in anyway and always take a difficult person as a challenge than giving up on them. Not just people who love you, but people who are tough with you also need you to not give up on them 🙂

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