EP 252 (189/365) 6-10 of 10 Things to Think and Do Everyday

We went through 5 things to think and do yesterday.. there is 5 more in my mind.. After this don’t ask me if you do all these… not daily but very frequently I keep doing these… But I wanted to capture these here… Don’t have to feel stressed and overwhelmed.. but there might be one or two that might resonate with you and that is all my intention here…. It is also a reminder for me on a few things….

6 – Read a story or a poem

A daily journey to a world of fiction will help us to acknowledge many facts in life

Read something new. Not necessary that you have to start a novel. May be a small poem, a short story, something that will take us away from where we are….. Something new… Something that is different from our daily chores, choose your time, your pace, your liking…. only rule, it should be fiction; a creative burst from someone.

7 – Walk for sometime

It is important to connect with what you miss in life; people or yourself

Choose your own time and pace…. just one rule though…. If you live alone go walk with someone and if you are living with someone go walk alone. Walking helps us know ourselves, it helps us see things around us, things that we miss behind the steering wheel. No don’t use thread mill, just get out and walk…

8 – Go make some mistakes

Mistakes! The smart learn from it, The courageous own up theirs, And the Morons don’t make any

Make some new mistakes today, because we have a right to do it and then learn from it. Our biggest enemy is ourselves trying to tell us that we cannot make mistakes, that we have to be perfect… I am talking about new mistakes, not the ones we repeat every day and never learn, they are called habits not mistakes.

9 – Call someone you know

It is not always about you; You need to let people know that you care, that you remember….

We live in a world where meetings gave way for letters giving way for phone calls and then all giving way to social media…. Take a step back every day… Call one of the people we know and talk, or leave a message.. even people we don’t know.. nowadays we are also connected with folks we have never spoken to. Talk to someone today.

10 – Write Something

The power of the pen is not in the color of Ink it spills but the power of the word it spells

Every Individual has the power of the word and it has to be written.. Diary, blog anywhere, write down something that you feel… Use any tool, but write something…. express yourself in words…

I know these 10 things might not change anything drastically, or make one rich overnight or anything that many advertisements might claim but will surely make us feel better, much better every day…

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