EP 254 (191/365) Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

Planning is what helps us to do more in the available time we have and save us from surprises that peep from the corner. But there is also a certain adventure with not planning things. A certain love affair with the unknown surprise that makes its way to our life.

When I started writing this project, I was writing a piece every day on anything that I felt important that day and was relevant. But then I feared that what if I don’t get time a day to write and jeopardize the whole project. So few days back I did a few posts together…

Why I am saying this now is the relevance of this post. As I am sitting home one day and had time I said let me make the best use and write 2 or 3 more pieces so I can be prepared for a few days. I started jotting down titles and soon I found that I was moving away form the essence of the project. I was killing the thrill of what I feel on a said count up day. So I decided something… While I keep things ready.. I will also do a daily writing.. just so I am both being ahead and have the surprise of what to write today….

The fun of not knowing what I should write till I sit down to do it. Penning and posting without an edit. The free flow of thought as unplanned and unstructured capturing a single day, a single moment in time to refer sometime in the future. Planning surely to make things easier but not to kill the creativity and the fun of surprise.

Since this is a daily project for me.. readers and listeners will not notice.. but there is both planning and total surprises within these posts… Don’t always plan; and leave some for chance! You never know what comes….

Categories: Life, On Life


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