EP 257 (193/365) A Super Malayali in Minnal Speed

Minnal means lighting in Malayalam language…. My Mother Tongue… So it is lighting speed and the wait for a Malayali Super Hero ended towards the end of 2021 with the releasing of Basil Joseph’s entertainer Minnal Murali on Netflix

I have another reason I liked that movie… My first and only appearance in a role in the the 2019 released malayalam movie ‘The Gambler’ which was initially touted as a Super hero movie… but it was not and by the time the makers of the movie retracted on what was projected initially the damage was already done… the movie did not do well at all… but I had a good experience exploring that world…

For this reason I was much awaiting for the movie Minnal Murali… and what a movie… It blew my mind off.. not the special effects.. but the way the characters and super heroism blended so well with us Malayalis…. The masks and the mundu and the simple life of people in a village just made it irresistible…

As I mentioned in my last post.. I had always wondered how would a malayali superhero be.. what else… they will be a malayali… and that is what makes Minnal Murali such a treat to watch for moviegoers all over the world.. It is all home grown.. no adulteration… It is our own.. the Malayalis… Own…. and when you say that it makes you feel good..

If there is one movie you should not miss on Netflix.. it is Minnal Murali… Watch it at Minnal Speed

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