EP 259 (195/365) Will miss you my dear Reyna

Today we lost Reyna… I have never had a pet as a kid… And then when my kids insisted… I mean when they kept begging for it for a very long time… we got her…. and now she is gone and it leaves such a big vacuum in our lives….

I was not afraid of dogs but I was not a pet friendly person.. When we were planning to get a dog.. my wife said don’t.. not because she did not like… but because she had dogs before and she had known both the love and the loss… But three us of me and our kids had not.. and finally we won…

We got Reyna in 2015 May 23rd… She was probably 5 years then.. She was a rescue dog… for the past six and a half years all our life revolved around her… when we buy furniture.. when we decide to go somewhere.. when we think about anything.. she was the priority..

And for her she had nothing but love… I feel so weird even writing this today.. because I still cannot believe she is gone.. She was with us all cheerful as always even a few days back…. And then things started getting bad with a loose motion and we took her to the Vet and they said it would be something she ate.. yes that is what we thought too… her bloodwork came ok.. her x-rays came ok… they gave medicines and we were all hopeful… and then her condition started deteriorating….

On Wednesday we had to take her to the Emergency as she was not eating any food and even drinking the water was an issue.. Once in Emergency they did a few more tests and found that she was having problems in her Gut… We decided to keep her on observation for two days… but evening that call came that we were all fearing…

She was at a stage that she cannot be revived.. a surgery was possible but with her age and condition they also did not recommend that.. It would both be painful for her and also her recovery would be difficult.. the choice was left to us and we made the choice that was most difficult for us and most ideal for her…

On the day she left us.. in the morning she slowly dragged herself out and walked to a corner of the backyard and lied down there… like she knew what was coming… She was so weak…. never seen her like that… it was heartbreaking….

When we got her in 2015.. a month later we found out that since she was an older dog.. they would have put her down after two weeks if no one would have adopted her… And she was with us for six and a half years..

I like to think her time with us was good… I say that knowing very well that we keep pets with us because of our selfishness… we need them… we need someone to love us… We humans are just thinking of us…. We want to take love that we can never fully give back…. I don’t know… I like to believe we did good… But I don’t think I can go through a loss like this again in my life….

I was strong but could not stop crying when I had to sign off on the decision… It is painful.. it is hard.. I never knew when people told me their pet was no more…. Now I know….. It is so hard… that unconditional love… one can only experience but never explain…

Love You Reyna.. I will miss you… You taught me that there is something called character that we human beings often forget.. You have made me a better human being… I hope I can live up to you… Thank You for being part of our life….. You taught me a lot… I know this would have happened sometime… Just that it feels so fast… Love you Reyna…..

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