EP 260 (196/365) What Do we Want?

If someone asks us ‘What do you want?…’ the question can come out as quite rude based on the situation. But it is one of the most important questions both for an individual and for the team we work in and with the people we work with…

On an individual level we should as often as possible ask ourself the question ‘What do we want?’ because it allows us to align ourself with our goals. Now since I don’t know what you do, I cannot say the question will alone grant you success, but we ask that question enough to ourself, may be we will be much happier. Because what we want is more important than anything else in this world. And what we want might also include the happiness and success of others.. that is how we work together….

Now when we ask that question to others, we should probably make sure it does not come out as a rude one though. It is not necessary that we literally ask that question, but make that question a cornerstone of building our relationships at work and personally. The answer to that might not always be evident, knowing that question and acknowledging it helps a long way.

There are so many things people want but never ask and often giving it does not cost us to lose anything. It might be information, knowledge, a smile, a joke to cheer the day, just a helping hand on a busy day. anything. We also need to know what other people want.

Now think of a situation when your ;what do you want?” and the other person’s “what do you want?” start aligning themselves. Imagine a team in which everyone asks this question and they all start aligning themselves. well then… that is where we want to be now. The beauty of a team is that it is not impractical in a team for every team member to get what they want and be happy performing. 

So what do you want?

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