EP 261 (197/365) The 50:40:10 Principle in Hiring and Job Search

When a company looks for a new hire they put in a job description…. The first problem is they put everything in it that it makes so difficult to find a person… Next even if they get people to apply, they want a perfect person….

It is like they want some one who has been doing it ever since they were born…. from the job description such a person most often is not yet born….. Now some might say how boring would that person be, if he is doing the same thing all his life… but that is exactly what some companies are look for…someone who has done it all his life… the more the better… the question is where do you find that person…

But my point is if you don’t hire someone who has to do some learning to do the job better how do you really know if he is good and if he is performing to the fullest of his potential…. You cannot… you do not hire people to maintain status quo, you hire people to make a difference, change, even disrupt at times…. for that you need new thinking, someone who does not take the same route to work as you do….

And again if you are the job seeker, why would you want to join a company in a role that is an exact replica of what you currently do….. money..? we can debate that if a decision purely on more money has build careers for anyone…. If we are not with a job,and desperately in need of one we will pick what comes our way because that becomes the need of the hour. But for a moment think you are not in that state now…

You are on a job and you are looking for another one…. a better one, something that can move you from your years old inertia…. If I put that question to myself I would like a job where I only fit 50% to its description and then 40% should be something I am really passionate to learn and 10% I should not have any clue about… when you are clueless your creativity kicks in…

So a 50:40:10 principle should work good for organizations and people if not all at least for some…. Next time you hire or look for a job, try it and let me know….

Categories: Enjoying Life and Work, Work & Career

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