EP 263 (199/365) Change in an interconnected World

There is no question that we live in an interconnected world, but when it comes to change we always think of it happening to us. But in an interconnected world there is no Us as in ‘I’ or ‘me’. There is only us as in ‘WE’. Let me explain that a bit.

When we talk of change we talk like it is something that is happening to us. But in an interconnected world ‘Change’ happens to us as a group. Some would argue that one is ‘Change’ and the other is the impact of ‘Change’. I believe interconnectedness has made it both the same. This means we are in constant change.

The Late Stephen Hawking had something to say to those who think Change is not possible.

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

Well that might have more to do with people’s thought that human’s are predestined. But we all have to agree Change is around us and we change every moment. Sometimes the change is accelerating, the point is not to remain rigid during these times. Be agile and embrace change.

And we should understand we live in a world where if you mention the quote of Heraclitus as it appears in Plato’s Cratylus

“Everything changes and nothing remains still … and … you cannot step twice into the same stream”

You will also have to answer why you say river and not waters 🙂 People like arguing and debating over taking a point and moving on

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