EP 264 (200/365) The Double Century day Celebration

Today is the 264th episode on the podcast but it also marks the 200 continuous days that I have been writing or blogging… As some of you might know this is part of my 365 days writing project… Well that demands a dedicated Double Century Celebration..

The phrase double century is something I have heard in the Cricket speak…. the game of cricket…. I played cricket as a kid but was not at all good at it… I also felt bad about it back then… when a team is formed from the colony we lived… I would either be the one cheering outside or if lucky the 12th man….

But I remember being the top scorer in one match when I got a boundary by fluke and my team was all out for 6 runs… You can imagine how bad I was… Well this is not about ticket… but let us talk about that…

I think it was 1989 when I stopped following cricket.. I have never followed the games of Sachin Tendulkar known even as the God of cricket by many.. I think I stopped watching after joining college in REC Calicut and the friends I made were not Cricket fans and since I only had memories of total ridicule.. I thought it was ideal for me to step away from that field of sports… It was not cricket.. I stepped away from sports of all sorts..

When sports was out that space was taken by politics and books and conversations across a range of subjects…. I am thinking that would have a role in what shaped me.. I am no where saying you should stop sports.. I did not even say that the lack of it shaped me well… But I think I am happy because I started focussing on things that today helped me become a content creator across a range of topics and an unquenchable appetite for new things… making life more cluttered rather than plain and disciplined….

So this was supposed to be a double century celebration… yes it is and this is how it is done… you create one more post on what might not even be anyway resembling what you are celebrating…

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