EP 266 (202/365) Shelf Life by Nadia Wassef

I had started reading memoirs very actively sometime last year and I might have mentioned that here as well. I found that to be a good blend of both non fiction and story… A mix of both worlds… Recently I read this interesting book by Nadia Wassef – Shelf life: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller

The book is about a bookshop Diwan that Nadia started with her partners Hind and Nihal. They live in Cairo and the book in my opinion brings both an Entrepreneurs life and book lovers life together…

If you love books and like spending hours walking around in bookstores… I am sure you will love this one also.. Not just that, you will also love the book if you are or want to be an Entrepreneur.. Nadia’s candid narration of her life as an entrepreneur and being a woman entrepreneur is something I am sure many can relate to and for others it is a great learning experience.

I also found it interesting when there were moments where being a book lover and being a book store owner came in conflict.. simple you don’t stock books that you like.. you stock books that people will buy… The numbers and data that are so important for your business is what one should focus if you want your passion to run as a business.

There is much to learn from the book.. about market… about passion.. about set backs.. about letting go.. about character contradictions and above all….. about working together…. I highly recommend the same..

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