EP 267 (203/365) Part-1 Transparency makes you visible and not invisible

Visibility is the catch word very often used in the workplace. Often when related to career advancements, appreciations, recognition and promotions. And there are cases where the pursuit for visibility impacts performance of individual team members. These are primarily people whose effort is more on visibility than on performance.

There are three aspects I want to talk about here Visibility, Invisibility and Transparency.

The Animation of Visibility

When your manager says you need visibility, what he sometimes means to say is if he gives you a push forward he should not be questioned by others for it… so you need to be visible enough for people above him and for both his and your peers so that the recognition to you is well taken across the board…. But the problem is “Visibility” as a need is used so much that people think that the lack of visibility alone is what pulls one back… and this puts people in a pursuit of Visibility, and the animations associated with trying to do it… as always the down fall is that visibility without core essence will get exposed… if not today someday… The animation and theatrics for visibility without the actual performance is short lived; So don’t replace your ability to perform with your want for visibility.

The Anguish of the Invisible

The whole point of visibility probably arises because of the fact that there are many people we have seen in our workplaces who do all the heavy lifting and yet remain unrecognized, they just move on as invisible… and no one wants to be one of them… often these people also feel they lack that skill to be visible…. While it is the job and responsibility of any manager to identify and reward these invisible people, it is not always the case because the manager has to play his own game of visibility… If you look at it like a jungle then it will become one… So it is important that you strategize your way out of invisibility while making sure your visibility can stand on solid performance grounds….. and it rests within the individual to take the necessary steps… not over doing it, but understanding that to be recognized along with performing you also need to speak, involve, and above all be Transparent.

Transparency as a path to Visibility

Transparency is another common used word at work…. Often it is used between teams, stakeholders and delivery teams, vendors and customers and so on… while transparency is used because everyone in the game has something at stake that is impacted when information is hidden or incomplete.. embracing transparency can be a big tool for an individual as well…

It might be tough to remain transparent, especially with work politics and other forces that work with and against you, but accepting a mistake and striving to correct it is fundamental to being transparent, because no one can become transparent by hiding something… Either a mistake or a weakness.

Let us talk a bit more on Transparency tomorrow

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