222/365 Binge Watching Billions

Though I have binge watched a few of the web series on the streaming platform, I have two issues when I watch them.. I think I can finally say I got over it.

One is that I have to force myself to get hooked on to it. Someone recommends me a series and then I start watching and after one episode I quit. The person who recommended tells me that I should watch one more episode to really like it. I do one more episode and nothing changes. I don’t want to name those series as the fact that I did not watch does not mean they are not good. It just means when I check on the Value vs. Time it does not cut in. So it is me and not the show.

The second reason is I am more happy with limited series as they finish in one weekend. If I see more than 2 seasons it is difficult for me…. I have several shows that I loved but did not go beyond 2 seasons. And Billions is 6 Seasons.

I watched all the 5 seasons and now starting to watch the season 6. What a show. With the background I gave you I wanted to think through why I liked it. What got me hooked on to it and do the 5 seasons. May be it also means that I might start watching more long series. I will try to put one by one

First I think it is the theme.. the constant question of what is fair and right… The grey shades to being right and wrong. I am not into financial markets or law but I was fascinated by how the character portrayal shows the complexity of human nature. Not just the characters.. but me as a viewer. I am not watching it.. I am in it observing… May be I feel like me being both Wendy and myself…. I am listening to myself…

Another reason is some of the characters and their pursuits are so relatable with some people I personally know.. I even called a friend and asked him to watch. And if he does not have time pay someone to watch and then discuss with him. I also asked him to hire Wendy.

Why am I talking about Wendy and not others… I think all the character portrayals are amazing but there is one thing that stood out for me. When Bob says that what Wendy days is break someone into pieces and then slowly build them. This hit hard on me…

I personally believe that we all need to have a Wendy inside us… to break and build ourselves while knowing that the same Wendy who is building us back is also breakable. That ability in spite of the sheer vulnerability to posses this amazing strength to look straight into ourselves.

Some of you who have watched might think that there is so much more… I am sure there is… One thing I have seen about myself when I watch these long shows is that once I get hooked into it, I start watching it not as a viewer, but I am in it and see it through the eyes of a character… For me Wendy is that character.

If you are watching it as Bob or Chuck or Wags or Taylor it might be different and I am fascinated to hear how people would see it. This is one show you should not miss… It makes you think.. break and build you….

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