224/365 When my resume was no good

I had created a one page resume immediately after college.. when I had gone to Bangalore in search of a job in 1993. Since I thought I was more a sales kind of person that is what I looked forward with the resume… I did not even use the word resume… We used CV.. Curriculum Vitae…

But before I could know if the resume was any good I had stopped searching a job and started something on my own. And then the next time I created a resume was in 1997-1998.

This was a time when so many people were looking for opportunities in US and the Y2K work was in full swing and I have been doing my own small shop that failed and I closed down. I had been also working in a company for a year. But all was in sales.

Around the same time there were so many people starting recruiting companies or a term used back then ‘Body Shopping’…. I also decided to talk to someone in that area to see what my prospects would be… I saw an ad placed on the news paper. This was before internet had become a common thing. we did have dial ups but still news paper employment columns were the way..

I take the address and go to this house.. It is like a home office and the guy who is the recruiter.. I figured was not a recruiter per say but a Management Graduate from IIM Ahmedabad… one of the most prestigious Management institutions in the country… So Body Shopping was big time that people left their lucrative careers in other industries and jumped on the bandwagon..

I had converted my 4 year old one pager CV to a 2 page resume… It was oriented towards sales.. I did not know anything else… The gentleman takes the resume looks at it and gives it back to me and says “what kind of a stupid resume is this”… As I looked at him thinking he would tell me how to better create it he continues.. “You are from a prestigious college like REC Calicut and have 4-5 years of experience.. yet you have no clue of how to write a resume.. I don’t want to waste my time”

He was so rude that I felt so bad.. it was brutal… But I think I get the person.. if he has to teach me how to write resume he will not be able to do what he wants… this was a basic skill he expected… I am sure the resume I created was a piece of trash… I had never had to make one till then. I was doing my own thing.. and then I started working also through a reference I knew…

When ever I submit my resume.. this incident comes to mind… Or I should say.. I still feel unsure about the resume… It is a skill.. now people come to me and ask help in advising on their resume and I say I am not fit for it… I ask them to get help from a professional… My resume writing kind of sucks..

After 1998 the next time I created a resume was in 2010 and then I have had to create that every two years as I move both in my consulting roles and my full time roles… Honestly now the resume is LinkedIn.. it is evolving…. always…

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