225/365 Colleagues and Bosses you wish you never had

At the onset let me tell you that I have been way lucky to have bosses who I did not have any problem with. While there were people I really loved working for and had utmost respect for there were some who were not that great.. but still I will never say they were bad.

But I think if I look at my entire career, there were 2 people I really did not like working for or with. In fact I would not even like to be associated with for a myriad reasons. I have often wondered why I felt so. Then I have come to know that I am not alone in this thought. With both these people I am one among the many who disliked working with them.

This brings me to the fact that Almost everyone I worked with I liked… I am not saying I have not had arguments with them or we did not disagree.. there might even have been times when I felt why the heck am I working with them.. but none of that went beyond a certain time…

But these two people it has been such a long time and even now.. they emerge in front of me as examples of everything I wish even my enemies don’t have in their life… I know I am too harsh saying that.. but let me be very honest… as time goes by even today their reference brings only a negative vibe….

I want to let go.. may be I can.. may be I cannot.. but I remember them to remind me of what I should never become….

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