227/365 Getup and Dance

I don’t mean to say when you are in a party.. I mean to say everyday get up in the morning and Dance. I assure you it feels good but there are some challenges. First let me tell you how I arrived at that idea.

I walk regularly and that has been my form of exercise.. I also do some stretching daily and some weights on and off… That said I also have my days or stretch of days when I don’t do anything. But last two years I have been more or less regular. That is since the Pandemic started.

The challenge when it gets cold is I cannot walk outside… It is rather tough to wake up in the morning as well and so we have to find ways to motivate oneself. I tried a few things. Initially I said may be I will just get on the floor and stretch… slowly… Use that as my waking up process… it worked but then it gets so cold.. and slow waking up is more painful..

I bought a cheap bike and started biking and also reading at the same time.. kind of time management. It also worked for a while and I figured out I was not really burning calorie and since I was more focussed on reading the peddling just because slow.. Felt it to be less intensive. That is when I started thinking about Aerobics.

Initially I started with some YouTube Channels and 30 minutes Aerobics… I did it for two days.. but the TV volume and all made it difficult in the morning. One day I thought why don’t I put on my music and then just keep the TV on Mute and do stuff… that worked…. felt like you had company…

Now the problem was it did not sync with the music and was getting frustrated. I said… ok let the TV be on.. I don’t bother what is on it and what they are doing and I will dance to the music the way I want…

That worked and has been working for over 45 days now… yes with a few days that nothing happens.. In fact as I write.. I did not dance today.. but I did a 1 hour brisk walk… Try it out… just put on music.. your headset and Dance…. Enjoy….

I figured that a 30 minutes dance session translated to 30 minutes walking.. slightly more steps than walking…Wish you all the best.. try it….

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