228/365 When you are told you are not welcome

You are not told.. you just sense it… I don’t know about you, but I have sensed many a times when I was unwelcome in a place. I don’t want to play the victim card here so let me be open that in some cases I would have done the same because how else could someone say you are not welcome there… We all don’t fit well in every setting.

But whenever I look back two main incidents that come to mind all are about the same person. But I am still in touch with that person. No I don’t hold him in any high regard but I also don’t have much issues with him. These incidents were way back when we were in our early twenties. I am sure he would also have got his share of the same.

Coming back to the topic of being unwelcomed… I think it is all about who we are. Some people are honest enough to tell us either through words or gestures. It is up to us to understand it. Sometimes we ignore and still barge in. It might work it might not.

We all are very unique in our own ways with a lot of strands in common. Sometimes it is our uniqueness and sometimes it is our similarities that make us welcome or unwelcome.

Should we be welcomed everywhere.. I don’t think so… but if we are repeatedly unwlecomed in places and among certain people…. it could be a time for some self reflection… may be it is the way we talk.. may be it is the way we carry ourselves.. may be our interactions are much different that how we perceive.. We might look great in the mirror of our mind… but in the eyes of others.. in their perceptions we are not really that…

This could be a time we can change…. The same goes with when we become overly welcomed for a reason you cannot seem to find..

One thing I have found is that it is ok to not be called to be part of something… something else awaits us

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