229/365 How my thoughts have changed over time

I believe that we are always a work in progress. It is funny when I look back and see how my thoughts have changed. Not just in one area but across every important and even mundane aspects of life. I am just not the person I was.

Did I change for the better.. I would like to believe that way. But I know very well that what some people like of me is not necessarily what some other people would like me for. So change would have meant good and bad… For me and others

When thoughts change our actions change… our interactions change… our world changes… When thoughts change it has two impact in my life.

First is that it tells me that something that I am doing has gotten better. But as soon as I get that thought, I immediately start thinking that I was too late to make this change.

Secondly when I realize that I have changed for the worse.. I try finding a reason to correct.

The point I think I want to make is that anyway our thoughts evolve it works for our best. In our perspective, our thoughts have always evolved for the better.. we are just a better version of our past.. but that is not true of others…. and this makes us doubt ourselves at times….

I have sometimes even tried to convince people that I have changed for the better and then figured how stupid that is… You cannot convince everyone… if we are convinced that itself is a great progress…

I am convinced my thoughts are always evolving as a progress… Am I just fooling myself… I don’t think so… Over the years my thoughts have changed.

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