230/365 And I knew it was time to chase something else

We have all chased something or the other in our life. Sometimes we get it… Sometimes we don’t.. and at other times we leave one thing and focus on chasing something else… just like puppies chasing balls.

Getting what we chase and not getting it depend on a lot of factors including our ability, situation and several other factors. Sometimes our hacks work sometimes they don’t… but I have always wondered when do we stop a chase and start a new one.. of course after some rest… or why do we even have to chase.

I am sure there are multiple school of thoughts here. My personal take is we need a chase as it gives us purpose. Some might say we can use the word pursuit as it is more apt.. Nope.. I like to call it chase because in the process we get tired…. pursuit seems so happy and perfect and colorful. Chase gives us the idea of running, sweating, tiring… not necessarily always fun… I want us to have that feeling..

It is a chase and that need not always be for anything physical… Even if it is happiness it is a chase… there is effort involved… I have an issue with the concept that drop everything you are chasing and you will be calm and happy… When you drop what you are chasing you are just getting ready to chase something else..

But when do we drop what we are chasing… I drop things when I am tired…. when I no more find interest in it. But mostly I drop when I find that logically I cannot get it. Now dropping a chase is a choice… Do I want to keep on with the chase… what are the pros and cons… the decision should not be based on emotions though we might feel dejected or even lost and failed when we drop a chase. And I think that is natural….

I have lost many a chase but I have dropped more than that.. The chases I won are probably the least ones… but I always love a chase.. how ever short that might be and how ever small the prize is… chase is a part of life.. at least for me… I even chase free time 🙂

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