231/365 The importance of finding the unimportant things in Life and Work

We do spend our time telling people what is important; we also tell people on what is not important. But it is important that on a personal level we find what is unimportant in our life and remove that from our life

Irrespective of what scenario we choose; stakeholder discussions, career aspirations, our next job, salary negotiation, discussing values with kids, being in relationships, a basic decision like the restaurant to go to or what to do over weekend, it is important to know what is in our unimportant items list.

The clutter in your present Life reduces the visibility of your future

Unimportant items clutter our life, stops us from moving forward, they take time out of our precious moments which is limited. A list of things unimportant to our well being and people around us will help us know where our most wasted times are spend. If we do not do this exercise on a personal level our process of prioritization in life becomes tougher every time we try doing it.

It takes effort even to stop doing things

If we were to sit and list out what we do on a daily basis we can find many of the things we do that are not important. Many times we do not even know why we do them, but we still do them. It takes effort even to stop doing things. Take a paper and list things you feel are unimportant and then see what all you spend time on. Don’t even try to think of the important and urgent things that come your way. Just the unimportant items in your life, find them remove them

Some unimportant things you cannot remove, Postpone them; it is not bad

It is true that there are things that are not important now but can become important later, items that are not strong in our current goals; items on which spending time now or later will not make a difference in our life. These are things you can do later, but can wait. You will not be at loss if you don’t do. List them out and review them at regular intervals, just so they don’t go off the radar, put a date to start them. Stick to schedule and choose to start or postpone as you deem fit, don’t worry, postponing some things are not really bad for you

Why do we live, work and enjoy our relationships?

This is a very significant question we have to ask our self, before we even start the process; breaking the question into purpose, doing what we love, being useful etc… and there is no one single answer and you will have a list of reasons for everything you ask why. By answering this question, what you are doing is creating the base for you to pick and discard items from your life and work. This is also the first step for us to move out from being a slave to ourselves and becoming free.

So what happens once we have figured it all out?

There is no one state when you will figure it all, because you, your thoughts, your life and people around you change or are susceptible to change forcing you to revisit yourself quite often. So don’t wait for that magic moment when you have figured it all out because there exists none. Don’t wait to figure it all, start cleaning up.

It is very important to take time and think about yourself

Ingrain a philosophy to think about yourself into your daily life just like your breakfast and lunch. The problem with many people is they forget to think about themselves; even people who we would say are selfish, and focused on making money and glory are not really thinking about themselves, they are just doing what they think they should do. If not every man and woman who has money and glory will be happy and we know that is not the case. People around you need you to think about yourself so you can be a better person to them

It is not just things but people also that add to clutter

I know it is mean to say that but the fact is a fact. Today I started a cleanup activity on LinkedIn contacts, specifically people who are adding clutter to my LinkedIn experience; The first to go out was someone who keeps posting job descriptions over the LinkedIn posts. And also does not have a last name, he goes by the last name “Recruiter”. Well I don’t know you, sorry, you are important, but what you do is unimportant to me now… I have so many recruiters and HR professionals in my list whom I admire for their effort and contributions, I myself have been in that role in my life and know how tough it is, but sometimes some people don’t fit into your scheme of things… I know it is mean but sometimes you need to think just about yourself

Have fun with your life because only you can have fun with your life

There is fun in life, there is a purpose in life, and you have a choice; you can live the purpose of someone else’s life and let people make fun of your life or you can live your purpose in life with fun and still make people around you really enjoy it.

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