233/365 When a childhood fear came true

As a child I used to have conjunctivitis quiet often… it is also called pink eye… You get it in one eye and you know you will get it next in the other eye. So when you get it what you do is just sit home… No TV.. No books… Nothing… and wait for it to recover and let the other eye get infected and recover.. It is not painful but it is so irritating.. But that was not my real issue….

When you have pink eye we had to put an ointment terramycin in the eyes.. that for me was so damn scary.. I hated it like anything… but had to do it… I remember asking is I can do drops instead of the ointment.. Not that I liked it… but was better.. Nope.. I had to go with the ointment…

I always feared I might get it… and then two years back I started having severe irritation in my right eye… Well probably dry eyes and I started putting the dry eye relief drops.. But it got bad…. and mornings I will wake up and my eyelids were stuck and I could not open them… and then when I tried to open it was like tearing it off from my cornea…..

I would wake up in the morning and then roll over in pain for 10 minutes.. I went to the doctor and they checked and told I have what is called a Corneal Erosion.. It is also called scratched eye and occurs when there is loss of the corneal epithelium, the cornea’s outer layer. OK.. but it is painful…. what do we do.. is there a fix..

The doctor said there is a surgery.. which I was not comfortable.. the other option was having a gel.. no not drops.. gel.. everyday for the rest of my life…

WHAT!!!!! rest of my life.. gel in my eyes.. everyday…. I agreed and I have been doing it for over a year and half.. Why did I write about this today.. I had gone to the optometrist today to check my eye sight and all is good.. I am planning to get a new set of glasses…

The point is we have fears and sometimes we overcome that when the choice is with something more scary.. I guess…

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