236/365 Nothing Matters; But Results… But How?

Nothing matters if you can’t deliver results. It might sound ruthless; but that is the only business truth. And No sob story (however convincing) can replace actual results. You either did it or you did not….. period!!

The ‘I Tried.. but..’ argument is the result of not asking help on time. Knowing when to ask help is also a valuable Art. Asking help and collaborating is the key to success in Today’s Work Environment. There is no mercy in business. That is how it works… we as individuals need to learn working through it without breaking and feeling dejected

Talk to your leader… the one who leads… ask help… now rather than later. The job of every leader is to create an environment that everyone they lead can deliver results. The buck stops at the leader’s table. Always..

And if you are the leader, start leading the results…..

Everywhere we will find exceptions. But we can’t build businesses on single exceptions.. Can we…? we need collaboration… the goal of collaboration should be two pronged… success of both the collective and the individual… That is my 2 cents

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