241/365 Back to working from office

I write this on a Monday but you will read it on a Tuesday… Today is a holiday.. President’s day in the United States… Not just that.. I am also starting a new job on Tuesday.

Usually people ask you if you are taking a break when you move into a new job… I have never asked for that.. but I have had my own forced breaks when I finish a contract or I am between jobs… So why should I take a break voluntarily between jobs..

That said today I feel there is so much to do and my mind is stuck on this word preparation. Let me first list out what all I need to do… One is I need to get my car washed… it has cobwebs next to the side mirrors… Yes I will be working from office and so will need to drive it daily…

I have a few podcasts to do to catch up for coming weeks so I can focus on my work without any distractions. I know I should have done this earlier.. or during the weekend… But that is ok… I get into the groove it will finish quickly…

I know that my schedules need to be adjusted to meet the new work demands… while I do not know that exactly… I need to make a list of the most important things that I need to get done regularly and have the space to move things.

A few things I will need daily is one hour exercise… my reading time… walking Ginger.. yes she got her Rabies shot and now can be taken for walks…. I am thinking I will do that in the evenings after my dinner…

I also have to plan my morning routine as I need to be ready for office when I drive my son to school… The good part is my new office is only a 20 minutes drive…

People reading this might think.. what i so much to think about it.. well.. nothing.. just that 2 years of working from home changing to a working from office mode needs some preparation..

Once I wrote it down I does not feel like a lot… Most things are like that.. you get clarity when you write it down…

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