245/365 Two things by Dostoevsky that I read today.

I just started reading Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment… Not just reading…. I have been doing a mix of reading and listening so I can utilize time better… I read when I can on my mobile and I listen to the audio book in continuation when I am driving or walking.

This is also my way to experiment a few patterns that will work for me when time is scarce. As I started reading two sentences stood out for me.

One is that ‘Every man needs some place to go…’ And the second one was ‘Every man needs a place to turn’… I can’t seem to say why these two lines stood up for me but I can tell you what they seem to tell me.

Every quote.. every statement.. they don’t speak to us all in the same way.. they don’t convey the same thing to each one of us…

Let us take the first statement… ‘Every man needs some place to go…’ I see life to be a journey…. But also I want it not to be a run on a treadmill that takes us no where… Now what is this somewhere ? That is an interesting question… I think it is anywhere we think we belong…

Where do we belong… there is a place where we physically belong and a place where we belong in our mind…. These could be same and these could be different… for me they are different. Will they be same… I hope so…. I can easily change where I belong physically… I can adapt…. But mentally… it is not fully in my control… sometimes I also feel I don’t belong in a place.. but I am scattered.. scattered around…

At any point of time… I need a place to go to… and this is true when we are in the place we belong as well….. we all have a slice of the explorer in us… so even if we are where we belong…. We need somewhere else to go to….

Now for the second one ‘Every man needs a place to turn’… What is a turn.. a turn for me signifies a change… a shift from the mundane… a break from the normal…. A peek into the unknown… it is creative.. it is adventurous and it is also risky laden with both danger and opportunities.. Turns are what gives life it’s spice…

Each and every one of us need a place to turn…. It can also be a place to turn back… which is like a reset.. a start over….

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