248/365 The different ways we see

Today I was thinking how we view the world from the comforts of our own life and feel entitled to have an opinion on everything… It is not just about the world and society… but also about work and career..

I have had people ask me why am I doing what I am doing… and not in an inquisitive way…. They think I should be doing something much different based on their view of the job market… or what they think is the trajectory anyone should move when thrown into a career…

I tell them I have a choice…. and took it… But they don’t seem to get it fully… because they think if someone has a choice why would they select the wrong one… and they feel my choice is wrong based on their view of the world…. So easily they judge and decide what I should have chosen according them…

I am not saying I am any different… I too have felt entitled to judge others.. may be even now I do it subconsciously… I am not sure if I will be out of it completely… But I try…

When we judge others we also judge ourselves and use the same skewed matrices for that… this will not leave us happy.. it leaves us vulnerable to our own poor sense of the world… 

I have been lately thinking a lot about this and I feel every week I should revisit my view of a few things… family, relationship, career, society, world… parenting.. kids…. Or may be continuously revisit them… keeping an open mind… exploring where this takes me…. 

Why..? You may ask… why…? I think that is a good way to get clarity on a lot of things… because if I don’t do it…. I might get stuck…. or feel stuck…

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