250/365 War, Life, world & some random overdue rant !!!

When you find this world unbearable and some of the people in it difficult to get along with or some news bothers you out of your own body.. it is time to invent something new…

Maybe a new world…. or at least a new perspective for yourself…. one that will make you understand and adjust better…. Over the past several months I have been trying to find this perspective and not succeeded in it… if you have been reading… you might have seen it reflect…. I don’t know…

Today morning when I woke up…. I finished all my chores before 7:30 AM and was wondering what to do next.. I sat down and checked what Podcasts I need to listen to… I came across a Malayalam Podcast and it was about the Russian invasion of Ukraine… In fact it was about songs…

The podcast was about 8 anti-war songs that the podcaster translated to malayalam and played it on his show… And before he began.. he mentioned that he is doing thai episode by trying to be in the shoe of a 7 year old kid clinging to her mother inside a bunker in ukraine.. This thought sent me on a short trip..

I started thinking about the world… the people around… the privilege I have and more… There are so many things in my world that I complain about.. even mentioning them is shameful because of the triviality of that… Not just now, for a while I have been struggling to understand how I should think… how I should have my actions managed…. what ways should I lead my thoughts… what should I pursue… and more….

Somewhere… even in these daily writings.. I am losing the handle of it… I wish to let myself flow freely… even without a lot of meanings attached to it…. Maybe I should go back to poetry… and stories of people… history…. events… and invent just for me a new way of thinking to be able to understand all this… I don’t know….

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