251/365 Oh! Shit! I have gained 10 pounds

6 months after writing about health and exercise and losing weight… I have gained  may be 7 pounds…. I am not just sad… I also feel stupid…. But what has been gained has been gained… Now the need is to reflect and think why that happened…

It is not rocket science… The reason is that I have been consuming more calories than I burn and I have been doing it consistently for a while now…. But why did I not realize that and think about it before… And what made me realize it now….

Today I wake up and wear one of the jeans that I bought when I lost weight.. And I had worn it a few times before I put it to wash last week… I don’t know if it shrunk a bit… but today I tried to wear it and it was tight… not difficult but tight… I anyway pulled it up…

I also have a bloating problem some days and this could also be it…  But then I also checked my weight on the new scale I got and yes… I have gained… I felt weight loss in my last scale as I was weighing myself and it was breathing its last days… May be the old scale for making me feel good but not telling me the truth.. the new one has no such leniency….

But I can feel it… I feel heavier… but how did that happen… did I stop exercising..? No…  then what…?

I have been doing exercise regularly… but I think it has been not that aggressive… I am clocking 1 hour activity more days…. but it has not been tiring and I should say more moderate… That could be a reason… Also the winter made us stay indoors more…  without knowing that also added to more munching….

I also consumed more carb during the time…. My alcohol consumption was also on the rise…. that is a lot of calories that get consumed towards the end of the day which converts and adds to my gains…. 

So all in all it is me to blame…. but I think… I need to round up things and get moving again… With joining a new job and working from office… there is some movement beyond the exercise… But still I think it is only moderate…

Need to do a mix of diet and exercise and get back to where I was  six months back…. or I thought where I was…. May be a target to get rid of 20 pounds by end of the year might not be bad…. that is just 2 pounds a month.. I will still have more to lose…. I think to reach my ideal weight I need to lose 40 pounds…. it might be half way through at least…

So let us get started….

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