253/365 In the Company of People

This is more like a recent change… I grew up liking the company of people… always wanting to be around others…. May be that is how I got into sales immediately after college… though I left that profession years ago… but over the past few years I have become much distant… meaning I really don’t like being in crowds…. I am thinking it must have to do with my social media usage… Just a thought….

When you are invited to someplace I was the first to say yes…. and now I mostly say no…. This is a major transition which in a way has probably impacted my relationships with a lot of people… The Lockdown and pandemic also aggravated the situation.. now that things are opening up.. there are a few things I have to relearn…

I am not jumping into any conclusions but I want to dive deeper to see if social media can create a dent in our real social skills… Now as I start stepping back into the life meeting people will I be incapable of building relationships as I used to… this is a fear I have….

But there is something else that has happened… My connections in real life… have become more meaningful… rest everything is online…. I probably have narrowed down my physical world relationships to what I can count in my hands and these are very meaningful… I think that before this I used to have a lot more people I connect in person and many of them were not adding any meaning…

Now it is so more easy to avoid people.. And I am not saying this because I don’t like people…. Just that there is a mental block to connect in person.. And I am working on it…

I am thinking that the lack of avenues to meet in person was also a reason… may be I need to open up and start meeting without hesitancy… like a kid is pushed to go to school on the first day of school.. So the next few months my goal is to be more social in real life and less social on the media…. It is not going to be an easy ride.. I get it.. but it is important….

Making meaningful connections… Got to start that….

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