255/365 To be Insignificant

Sometimes I want to be so insignificant… Maybe because it makes you review yourself better free from so many notifications from the world of expectations. 11 years back when I left running a business and stepped into independent consulting… sitting in a desk and doing something with my team I felt a new found freedom… One of being totally insignificant…. I even remember messaging a friend of mine about the romantic aspects of being insignificant….

Fast forward to now… I am still insignificant as back then in one aspect of my life… but in another aspect… there is an expectation that borders on giving you an illusion of significance… I did not reach here by accident… I pursued it…. And the funny part is when I love being insignificant why did I pursue the opposite of that…

I did not pursue it knowingly… It just happened… This blog… my podcast.. videos I make… everything seems to be part of that pursuit and I am in a way getting tired of it…. A meaningless creeping in from underneath… Maybe it is the way it is done…. Maybe I need to set some worthwhile meaning to this activity.

The question that comes up for me is should I reverse the path or find an exit route by walking ahead a bit more…. or transform it now…

I think it is high time I do some decoupling of the many activities I do…. So I can better manage the results and the way things are evolving…. I know the post might be confusing.. I am just ranting over and over…

In simple ways… I am trying to clear myself of some internal clutter…. See Ya!!!

Categories: Life, Random Musings, Random Thoughts


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