256/365 Work From Home, Office or Hybrid

Yesterday someone asked a question…. What do I prefer… working from home, office or hybrid…. I answered that it was too early to decide… I started working from office only two weeks ago… And I like it… One main thing is I don’t have a long commute…

I have been in a hybrid mode for a long time…. and also I have had a good number of years working from home.. be it when I was running my own show or working with companies that were flexible….. The question ‘Are you in office?’ is asked before you set a meeting… Like the default use to be not in office… yet people came…. Even in such situations I have worked from the office most days….

What takes me to the office is the work and the people….  and both these can make me want to work from home… I should see a value in working from the office unless it is a rule that you have to be there… So even if it is hybrid I don’t think I will choose to work from home…

That said, I like getting ready for the office and going there… the bustling office space with people working around you personally makes me enthusiastic… Working from home for me can be very lonely…. and the funny part is we don’t even know it….

I like the option to work from home… if needed… But I won’t take it unless I really need to.. or I struggle to find the value in working from the office.. I have so much enjoyed solutioning session that goes past midnight in the office… I know it cannot be a regular thing… but once in a while it gives you a break… a different way of looking at things… I think teams should plan late night work sessions in the office… it can bind people together…

Now these are my thoughts.. But I know many people like working from home as they have other things also running in parallel… You cannot blame someone.. it happens….. Maybe we all need to create individual philosophies about work… My first week at work did make me feel a bit different… I used to do a lot of things in between meetings.. like reading my book etc…. which I could not do that easily now… but after the first week… As I got to know things and figured out all the things there is to get done… That problem is gone…. because I love my work… and I use the spare time going for a walk…

I created a new tempo, a motion that I become part of…. I like working from office…. I also like the flexibility if there is…. the underlying need is always trust and transparency…

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