257/365 To Have Kids or Not

Yesterday I was chatting with my mom and as always, a discussion about her grandkids came up.. I said I don’t think they will be having any… unless their current view of the world changes… they don’t consider it important.. Nor do we… Being a Grandparent is not something I am aiming for… It is not a checkbox in my completion box… Not that I am against it…

My mother smiled and then she said something very interesting.. she said.. one way that is good…. with the way the world is going why should we bring kids into the world and make them suffer… Well life is suffering as Buddha says…

I know some of my friends and people that I know who don’t have kids because that is a decision they have taken… They don’t think it is important… I have also come across people who have their kids but think Not having kids is the future… But even now we see people with 4, 5 and more kids which was a normal practice before.. Both my grandparents on my father’s and mother’s side had 7 kids each… and that makes a huge extended family…. And I know it is fun when we all get around in person and in whatsapp groups and so on…

My parents’ generation was also a two kids family of 4 and so it is smaller… With that in mind we should have been a one kid or no kid generation… but we followed the 2 kids formula…

How will the future be… I think there are more choices to decide now… not that we did not have the choice… we did have.. but we were attached to this family thing at a very emotional level.. Also the feeling of Mine… and ownership and so on… I think my kids are more universal… Having kids is not the priority in life… I don’t think it should be… 

So I leave it to my kids to decide for their life.. same goes with marriage or partners or what the heck they want to do with their life… Isn’t that the way it should be..?

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