258/365 The Content Creator’s Dilemma

As a content creator I have several challenges like many people…. But since content creation is not what I do to earn a living my challenges are not that grave…. they are more like dilemmas…

One such dilemma is the ongoing question of why I am creating.. What is the purpose… Am I doing it for me or for the audience… And when I think it is for me, I question doesn’t audience then matter… when I say to the audience I feel it is not being my honest self… And so I stick to me… and then comes the next dilemma

Should I create something for myself but do it only if it will appeal to the audience… Am I a content creator if I don’t care for the audience… Is it the audience that gives me the audacity to say I am a content creator….

What is the aim of my content say a few years from now… should it be relevant irrespective of time or should it be trending… Do I intend to make this a career any time..?

So many questions and I can go on and on… but then I settle down on some basic insights…. I started this because I thought I had something to tell people… In fact I started blogging so I could get better at writing and this was in 2005 and then I started poems and I loved doing it… not just writing but also reading and also being in the company of poets…. I remember driving the Pulitzer prize winning poet Gregory Pardlo from San Francisco to San Jose… talking about poetry and life…

Content creation got me that opportunity.. because if not for content I might not have penned poems….. or build a love to read them… and even start calling me a poet…. over the years I have written around 400 poems.. small and big….

Then when Video came the content was different and it personally helped me express myself in a new way…. exploring acting, stand up and political and social commentary… It also personally benefited as I was able to befriend authors, movie personalities, politicians and social personalities…. I don’t think I could have been able to do that if I had just stuck to what I was doing as my career…

Now the interesting aspect is when I consider myself as a content creator.. the usage is tightly coupled with the idea of audience and reach and making money and so on…. But I figured that I was not good at it… I could not do things to increase my audience… I could only be myself…whether people like it or not…

So after so many years of content creation and doing that… my dilemma is can I call myself that… may be yes… but that is just an extension of who I am and not what people think I am….. Or more precisely I should say it is a self of me that is totally free…. Content Creation makes me free.. or should make me free…. if it becomes binding… pressured.. audience driven.. then it will lose its significance for me….

While every content creator likes to have audience.. one should not create content for just for audience….. I want to keep doing it because it is liberating…. yes with all the many dilemmas I will keep having

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  1. You have a talent to write on relevant topics as truthful as one can be… now whether a reader accepts it or not your point is read… I for one feel that things evolve and every player has a part in the final picture… so pen forward and on all life topics.

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