259/365 A Long Conversation in Person

One of the things I missed from the last two years is long conversations with others.. in person…. I happened to have one such conversation a few days back…

Well I cannot say I have not had long conversations.. but in the office discussing a product being developed hearing the problem being defined and technical folks explaining possible solutions…

Though I am not a technical person in its true sense I work in the field and work closely with technical folks who deliver products and technology solutions… One of the things I like about my job is listening in to discussions where I see the business or customer need to uncover itself in a technical landscape on a white board and then from there evolve with the mind and experience of many smart people… I just love it…

Sometimes knowing you know less but having the opportunity to work with people who know a lot about what you don’t know much about is a privilege.. All this was missing during the pandemic…

It was not really missing but the energy in such sessions were not easily evident to someone like me… There is much more drama (in a positive sense) and fun that happens in a room… that is totally non-existent in zoom…. 

In a room unlike a Zoom there are more chances for people to be vocal and argue and debate as well as more opportunities to arrive at consensus without someone having to give up remotely… I have been in Zoom where there are differences of opinion and for those not involved in the conversation it is easy to zone out….

Even today many of my engagements are remote as people do work remotely.. but since I am in office every day… I get opportunities to meet people in person and be part of conversations that otherwise I might not have been…

I am enjoying this back to the office… and I am sure I am going to write more on this sometimes…

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