261/365 Will I like or dislike

Yesterday out of now where a thought came up… will I like or dislike something… nothing in particular just.. a plain thought… But then it all moved into another thought… how much we bother at times… if people will like or dislike what we do….

What I like is not necessarily what people like.. and vice versa… but then should we bother people will like or dislike… I think there are two ways to look at it..

One is what it is we are talking about… if it is about us… very individual… and its impact on others is minuscule then our like and dislike is and should be priority… because likes and dislikes will be part of the baggages we all carry… So when it is about something that primarily impacts us we should make the call based on our baggages..

But that said.. if we think our baggage will prevent us from making the right choices.. if it will cloud our understanding about our own world… then we should get help.. We should explore other’s likes and dislikes.. not to change.. but better understand… to get a 365 degree view of the situation…

We all have blind spots and the blind spots can be created by the like and dislikes of our and others.. and our ongoing bother about them…

Whenever I have to make some decisions I do check on me and others.. just to gain more clarity.. to be more informed… or at least I try….

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