262/365 Today I have nothing to write

Today I have nothing to write.. because I did not get time… but how can time be directly proportional to what I have to write…. If I don’t have time that just means I don’t have time… it cannot mean I don’t have anything to write..

Here we had to change our clocks forward by one hour… though we have done it so many times since we reached US.. every time it takes a few days to adjust… Mornings happen early and nights end late..

Even now I am writing this as I am having my scrambled egg breakfast… I have to had my coffee… Did not do my morning exercise.. It is raining outside.. So I don’t think I will be able to do my afternoon walk… And on top I am getting late….

And yes.. I need to take shower… Things will be fine tomorrow…

I am just writing this so I don’t miss a day…. The other day I said that when it rains I feel like I am going to school… Well let us see how it goes today…

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